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By A d r i a n a · September 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Thursday , 30th September 2010 , 3:30pm


Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain ,


I need to drink.i need to drink.im in a need to drink.im a drink needy right now.

so give me something to get drunk with.i want drunk me.

vodka with something.just something to spice it up.something drunk enough.

im not a drinker, infact i hardly drink but this time I NEED IT SOOOOO BAAAD.

you dont know what it's like ok.

and i need to smoke.maybe not.but maybe yes, see how.SMOKE/DRINK either way ok.

tonight is my night.i must be thankful to daniel.thanks for being there <':

so tonight is drink/smoke night with Danandcrew.

i am so numb.havent sleep the whole night till now, how to sia.and one more thing,

exactly.how long must i wait.im waiting the wait that i've been waiting for this wait again.aiyo.

faster la grow, is there some hair lotion that can make it grow faster.pffft.


Oh ya, i make a video with Shaa i wanted to upload it here but it took agessssssss i tell you.

so will upload it from Shaa's laptop tomorrow or when she can la.dam she's in school.

today, im moodless/sick/sleepy/fcukedup/feelingless :C

ok bye.so unexpected.

By A d r i a n a · September 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Tuesday , 28th September 2010 , 6:00pm


Don't show me middle fingers , you know yours are blunt .


ok you guys, this photo is tagged; &#8216;ASH STYMEST&#8217;. this isn&#8217;t ash.. it&#8217;s jake cooper! (:

Bubbahhhh.speechless.hot like hell.

he looks so alike Ash Stymest.but no this is not him, this is Jake Cooper.

haha, another hot gay. reminds me of bf jay.so hot but so soft.wasted la brother.

but nvm, better that way (:

need to make a quick post cause i havent bathe.nyahahahha.

YAYAYAYAYYY! Shaa coming my house.can have massive gossip sessions huh bebeh.

i roooove you la babe.your boyfriend is so stupid.idontcare if he sees this post.

make sure this gets to him.da da, dont cry, no use kay.

alright, shaa's on theee way.must clean room.MUST.ok, bye.

and i still think this cooper guy damn HAWTTT AND KIYUTTT.

final bye.

By A d r i a n a · September 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Wednesday , 23rd September 2010 , 4:00pm


Everything is complicated and little is simple ,



this one super coool like fckjiusjfiujfsijfskfskfjjsks! i want i want!

why only america got this ): very unfair unfair! the pink and black one. WOW.

so, today was such an unplanned day.

went to shaa's place. we had the intention to go for a quick swim at downtown east.

you know la the chalet one, only a buck. haha, pathetic right.

but then it rained, then all hopes crashes -.- so here i am. sitting in her room.blogging.

so from morning with this beach, go eat breakfast then play TWISTAAA.

long time sia never play, got guys more fun right ;D hehhhhehe.

then we watch movie, and cry le. super sad movie, and woahh Shaa cry like wtfffff!

haha, should had record/take picture just now. then post her for everyone to see.

speaking bout recording, you asshole la Fairuz. why go record that conversation.

show mahyuddin somemore, omg, malu gile. your friend laugh smemore.

you just wait :p

she can smoke, why can't i. pfft pfft, nevermind i smoke air laa like that. pathetic leh.

and Shaa says Hi to the world -.-" retarded beach.

Serious shitt, tempted like FCUKKK. i've got and need to resist this devil beside me.

okay la, this beach very sombong when comes to her lappy. so must give back _|_ hehh.


By A d r i a n a · September 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Monday , 21st September 2010 , 3:30pm


I never knew my own strength , and that sucks .


via inspirehearts

sooo true huh. wah i damn sian. well, only john ko knows what i did.

can believe myself i also did it. wah piang. now, what. im trying my best.

i think this post confirm short and bitter cause i lazy to brag it any longer already.

and now, i need not waste time and call that junkie. but wait, toilet first. haha.

okay, so john ko you better shut your yap.

now, i have to go.

and daniel , thanks for the sharing mengaring (: smile on.


By A d r i a n a · September 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Friday , 17th September 2010 , 5:00pm

Learn to live half alive ,


via dracoflyttr

today is sucha dope. pathetic shittt friday. fcuk you padrastro.

nevermind, i'll make it up another day. sorry both of you.

i miss you arshole<3.pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.

today, i swear no mood.very lazy.very sleepy.very hungry.very shitty.very sad.very waheverythingbad.

"SOME" people say i'm very vulgar, just look at my blog url.

the first thing you see is 'fcuk-...'.sorry la to those innocent angels.my life, my say can.

serious shit, to padrastro, fcukyouupsidedownleftrightcentrebottomtopeverywherethatican.

and thanks cousin for supporting me(:loveya hanis.

i thought you said you wanted to...oh wait, that was just a thought.well forget it.

Oh ya,wait.you know ah, my house now very superstitious:/ freaky things happening.

got this la got that la.my greatgranny say one.now i also scared to sleep alone leh.

every night, mommy must wait for me to sleep then she can sleep.haha, like baby right?

i know, baby like me.haha. gotta go, i need to clean my room now.super malas.

but Shaa coming what(YAYYAY!), later her mouth like maknenek.so better start now.heh.

bye -.-"

You know my name , not my story

By A d r i a n a · September 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


Thursday , 16th September 2010 , 11:30am


wow , this song is beautiful (Y)

serious , i think she's my next favourite already lo.she has a sexy rock awesome voice.

tho, im not referring to anyone . i think it's just nice .

so touching :/

i've been watching so many videos, not porn you idiots, movies.

got this movie so sad, i forget what's the title. something story la.

Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri <3

here's some lines from the lyrics , damn nice :

No , i can't take one more step towards you

Cause all that's waiting is regret

And don't you know i'm not your ghost anymore

You lost the love i loved the most

I learned to live half alive , and now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are?

Running round living scars , collecting your jar of hearts

And telling love apart

Your gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul

So dont come back for me , who do you think you are

I hear you asking all around , if i'm anywhere to be found

But i've grown too strong , to ever fall back in your arms

And blahbalhahsahsalasllaslalsal , haaha lazy already .

Go find out yourself :D

alright , need to bath now. heh, i know stfu i havent bathe yet. shshh.



By A d r i a n a · September 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
By A d r i a n a · September 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Monday , 13 September 2010 , 3:00pm


We all end up dying anyway ,


Sometimes, it's annoting that people don't realise how frustrated we are with them.

I have been telling you idgaf no more, not anymore, never, pfft.

serious shit, idontgiveafcuk. unless you want me to scream in your ears.

why wont you get it.ddamn you.

i really hate this y'know.yes, HATE.i said HATE.so what if it's a strong word.i meant it what.

So yeah, sorry for being vulgar. i live my life with it (:

moving on, how could you. getting drunk w/o me. haha.

you very powdderrful le, tomorrow''s your test, and you're all drunk.

tskk tskk, let that i also can puff already yeashh preashh.

aiyoo, imissyoulikefcukkkkkkiestest fairuz):

and the best tip top luck for your test alright babi.

i got lots to blog about, right Shaa? but well, no point also. hah.

i am now very hungry, my tummy like machine already.

better go eat now, chao (:


By A d r i a n a · September 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Monday , 6th September 2010 , 11:00am


Girls got a face like  murder ,


(via ndxstll, catherinevania)

Fcukkkk, i want this one damn bad.its not because i wanna smoke badly, maybe it is.

but again, i rarely smoke.

soon, pretty soon, once i get my hands on these, im gonna scribble shit down.

and fcuking smoke it like there's no tomorrow.

yeash, i know i made promises not to start smoking all over again but,

that's the only thing that can at least enlighten me right.idgaf to you loosas.

So Shaa, if you're readhing this. which i know you will.

you know what to do already. thanks babe.

moving on, i was blog hopping and i saw this sexayyy torn jeans below !

justastarr:  keepcalmandreblog:  perfectmadness:  briteheart:  nicole-elise:theblankpage:poisonedhearts-:walkinthedark:silentreveriex:quinnnny:(via carmenchung, artificialheart)

Damn sexzayyy to the max right. i also want la like that, but i must diy then.

very malas.must go google how to do somemore,wah extra malas already sia.

mummy conform make music to my ears one, but i want it soo bad.

but not as bad like i need this salleh's son ):

aiya, soon must meet ok babi. miss you leh.how?

see, i post about you again.now, i'll make every post, to have you inside okai.

to salleh's son, now got no more customers.all run away already.only you le.

oh yeah, pictures uploaded already cengeng.


By A d r i a n a · September 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Friday , 3rd September 2010 , 11:30am


When love comes around , they knock you down .


I MISS ...

that saturday night , that tuesday afternoon , that wednesday afternoon ,

that late night talks , that cute laughter , the way you can't speak R ,

the way you joke with me , when you call me dumb , when you were shy ,

that first kiss , that teddy hug , your wet lips ,  singapore river ,

when holding your hands you say i dont grib , when we exchange accounts ,

use my account , to post at your/my wall , those heartshape <3 signs ,

when you say you change for the better ,  when i get to play with your hair ,

trying to put you to sleep but you cant , the fact that your cute ,

your one in a million facebook password , your junky style , your torn jeans ,

looking into your eyes , how lazy you are , your tough muscular arms , 

the fact that your are strong inside and out , you dont smoke , when you get jealous

the way you love me , your smile , when you say you'll always be there for me ,

mostly , the way that you used to trust me ,

simply , i miss everything about you and us . i want that guy back .

you ever told me that my blog post always have nothing to do with you but now ,

i dont need you to tell me that , cause i did this from the bottom of my heart to the topiest.

you have no idea how much you meant to me .

please , open your heart back again and dont give up just like that .

Not forgetting , i'm sorry bout what i did , truly am.

yours sincerely & with love ,

Adriana Ryna Rominof .

Rihana - Roulette Russian 2009.mp3